5 Clever Dollar Store Ideas That Will Have You Saying, “How’d They Think Of That?”


Today’s posts is one of those, “Ooooh, damn that’s a neat idea!”, “I am going to save so much money!” and “This will be SO easy!” projects. Below are simple tutorials for turning easy to find dollar store items into a fun and unique statement! These DIY’s are great for a go to rainy day activity and the best part is, the materials are cheap! I love finding uses or coming up with craft ideas with items I can purchase at our local dollar store. I assure you will be really really happy with the end result!

A comfy cat tent

Found from: Dear Crissy

This tent is made from a dollar-store T-shirt — plus items found around the home — are all you need to make a comfy cat tent! The items found around the house include 2 wire hangers, some cardboard, duct tape, wire cutters and of coarse A DOLLAR STORE T-SHIRT (any t-shirt will truly work). Learn the full instructions here.

Baby leg warmers

Found from: yourbabydays

Okay this DIY is super cute! Start by cutting off the foot part in a straight line, then create an inch hem for each sock by turning them inside out and measuring an inch then sowing in a zig zig stich and VOILA! Instant leg warmers. Find possibly the easiest, cheapest and in better detailed, leg warmer tutorial EVER! Here.

DIY Rope basket

Found from: iheartorganizing

This DIY is simple but may require some patience, so be sure to catch up on your favourite season as doing this craft. Purchase from the dollar store a basket (laundry type, aim for the color you want the finished look to be), plan out the amount of rope that will be needed (base the amount off the size of the basket and the thickness of the rope), using a hot glue run the glue and pushed down the rope (try to start under the basket lip to get a nice straight starting line) and DONE! However the glue part may take some time but that’s what we got Netflix for! Learn a picture tutorial here.

Creative smart phone tripod

Found from: Eat Sleep Make

Seeing this DIY made me giggle on the inside, but still really impressed me. This is a pretty neat DIY dollar store hack! To make this dino-butt iPhone tripod case you will need: the butt of a dinosaur (you can easily purchase one from the dollar store, make sure the dino is hollow on the inside or this craft will be way harder), caulking, a suction cup, paint brush and a utility knife to cut your dino in half. To learn the process click here.

Beautify a dollar-store pencil cup

Found from: The Craft Patch

Huh, another DIY that impresses me once again. This cross stitch project is really creative and doesn’t need any experience at all! The pencil cup above can be simply found anyone, including the dollar store. To create this you will need to select a design you would like to stich (you’ll find a ton of cute options on the web so don’t stress), loop the string around each hole according to your design. Don’t worry if you mess up its easy to trace back your steps or simply just go over certain areas you don’t like. To finish, use a little bit of fabric glue to tame down the end strings so they wont show or come loose during use. And that’s all it took to make an embroidered pencil cup. This is a fun little project and is a great way to de-stress!

These all are such fun little projects to do! Create something unique for your home or office and I assure you it will give you the satisfaction that you created that and it looks fabulous! If you give it a try, send me a pic and I’ll share it on my Facebook page! Enjoy!


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