6 DIY Gold Paint Projects That Will Change How You Home Decor Forever!


We’ve compiled a list of some great DIY projects that will help you incorporate more of that luxurious color into your home. These DIY’s are perfect for the lazy ones, these can be done with little concentration required and can upgrade your simple decor items into extraordinary modern appliances and items.
However, keep in mind gold is a fabulous color, but it doesn’t mesh with every other color. It’ll shine and glow just as long as neutral colors like black and white are around it.
Check out the list below to get started today, enjoy!

Gold Fan

Found from: delineateyourdwelling

Use white and gold spray paint to transform an outdated fan into a modern glamorous one! Now you can have air blown in style. Learn more here.

Dipped Vases

Found from: hgtv

Find Martha Stewart Crafts liquid gilding in gold, for $7, at Michaels.com. This DIY is gorgeous and is a great way to transform cheap glass vases into modern gold home decor. Using electrical tape, wrap the vase and paint below the tape. Peel the tape off as its still wet and let it dry upside down. That’s it for this super quick Gold Vase DIY!

Quartz Crystals

Found from: AirFriend

You can even paint some quartz crystals to spice them up a bit. With just a small part of the crystals painted, they become a whole different accessory. It brings out colors and adds a real rustic look to the crystals itself. Like the Gold Dipped Vases above, carefully wrap the crystals with electrical tape and paint below the tape line, peel as its wet and let it dry!

White and Gold Globe

Found from: katiekime

This White and Gold Globe makes a cute boho decor idea and is totally worth the effort. Glam up a globe by painting it white and gold, this is the perfect accessory for the home of any traveler or could even be given as a gift. There are many ideas you can elaborate on here, feel free to apply the same concept of electrical tape, paint, peel off and dry to any item around your house according to your own needs and choices.

Gold LEGO’s

Found from: ournerdhome

This two step DIY is absolutely worth it. All you need is a few minutes, gold spray paint, LEGO’s, and glue. Use these blocks as decorations for other crafts like picture frames. Learn more here.

Gold Honey Bear Vase

Found from: abeautifulmess

This DIY is super easy and provides a cute rustic look! Give gold leafing a try with this DIY Gold Honey Bear Vase, recycle your old plastic honey bottles and invest into a Gold Leaf Starter Kit (or gold spray paint). To make this craft first coat your bottle with adhesive and allow it to dry, next when it dries (it will be super sticky) its ready for the gold. Adhere sheets of gold leafing and use a foam brush to gently press each sheet into the shape of the bottle (learn more on gold leafing here). Use sealer as a top coat on your design, now allow the sealer to dry completely before using. Now enjoy!

Gold color is something that looks elegantly beautiful as well as glamorous and unique from all other colors, these DIY home décor ideas are perfect to achieve a modern day look!


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