7 Lazy Bathroom Hacks For People Who Hate Cleaning


With spring quickly approaching, I did some research and have found 8 Lazy Bathroom Hacks For People Who Hate Cleaning that will help you to super clean your bathroom from floor to ceiling! If you are digging this idea so far, check out these bathroom hacks that’ll make your life much easier.

Tension Rod

Found From Cosmopolitan

By hanging your spray bottles on a tension rod you will make your products so much easier to see! Learn  more hacks like this here.

Lazy Susan

Found From House Beautiful

I have always loved these in the kitchen which is why I am so excited that there are other applications for this genius invention!

Shoe Organizer-Shower

Found From Forever Free by any Means

I love how this shoe organizer blends so seamlessly with the shower curtain.

Mason Jars

Found From Liz Marie Blog

I love how clean this looks! No more inconsistent containers with brands cluttering up your bathroom!

Ikea Cart

Found From The Brave Life

Ikea is seriously one of my favorite places to visit on the fly. They have so much awesome stuff to look at and it is super easy to modify all of the furniture.

Toilet Paper Shelf

Found From DIY Show Off

I have always thought the toilet paper holder area was kind of a missed potential spot. If you’d like to store some useful items above your roll, just install an adorable little shelf such as this one!

Build a Cabinet

Found From Shanty 2 Chic

Need a closet? Just build one! Honestly, sometimes the answer really is in front of our faces. When we look at new homes we kind of wonder where we will put our stuff. No worries, just make your own storage!

These bathroom cleaning hacks can help you get your bathroom super clean without spending a lot of time and elbow grease on it. Enjoy!


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