7 Pantry Organization Hacks That Cut Your Junk Food Cravings In Half


If you were to ask me, I’d say the pantry is the best part of a home. A pantry should contain the basics of foods you eat a lot, such as rice, pasta, cereal, beans, lentils and potatoes. Lets get honest here a disorganized pantry can give you kitchen nightmares, finding the proper ingredients for simple and quick recipes can become a tedious task as you empty out your cupboards. But maintaining a healthy and organized pantry can be just as challenging. These 7 Organization Hacks will help you organize and keep a healthy pantry so you’ll always have good choices to eat! Enjoy!

Store starchy items up high away from eye distance

Found from: Nina Hendrick Design Co.

You probably can’t reach the top shelf very often which can be used to your own advantage! Its a great and effective weight loss hack to store items you WANT to use less often up high so they will be out of eyesight. But be aware of your children as they might try to climb their way up to these places to grab a snack.

Labeled Pantry Boxes for Easy Lunch Packing

Found from: britandco

Click here to view the video. A simple hack to streamline packing you and your little ones’ lunches: labeled pantry boxes made, check it out! Incorporate healthy meal prep ideas as you pack to maintain good eating habits and lifestyle. Feel free to read 12 Incredible Meals You Can Make In A Mason Jar.

Store healthy snacks in a fish bowl

Found from: unskinnyboppy

Store heathy and nutritious snacks in a fishbowl! Remove kids lunchbox snacks from the boxes and toss them altogether in a big fish bowl. Keep another bowl just for you and your snacks! Easy to grab and go, and they don’t take up as much space on the shelf. Toss your healthy snacks in here for you and your kids its an easy alternative to a quick late night snack!

Store More Healthy Snacks In Cute Wire Crates

Try to get creative with how you store your essentials (snacks, etc). This is just another idea!

Actually try to make it look pretty

Found from: I Am Baker

Now, this isn’t a requirement, but I have definitely noticed that I’m much more likely to consume healthy food if it looks organized and if it’s pleasant to look at. Ideas such as adding a fruit basket on your dining table to avoid unhealthy snacking, or storing your unpleasant looking cereal boxes in a cupboard (or empty them out into a container and store them away).

Stock with Basics

Found from: openhandnutrition

Do you have what you need to make your favorite recipes?  How to build a healthy pantry starts with putting quality food choices in it.  Here are some of my pantry staples….

  • Quinoa and Farro
  • Oats
  • Vegetable Broth………Learn more here.


Found from: virginiasweetpea and lifehack.media

When thinking about pantry organization hack to save you space and money, you’d be wise to consider categorizing all your foods and assorted treats. Start with basic groups like baking, breakfast, grains, and snacks. Doing so will save you more time, learn more here.

I hope that you found these pantry organization ideas helpful! Creating a system for a particular space in your home can be a lot of work, but it truly does benefit. Feel free to apply these hacks to your pantry.


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