9 Hacks To Get Rid Of Kitchen Counter Clutter That Are Borderline Genius


We have a lot of counter space in our kitchen, but in all honesty, the counter tops are a disaster. So, I’ve been looking for smart (and easy) ways to get rid of kitchen counter clutter, because a clean space saves time and money. Here’s 9 Hacks To Get Rid Of Kitchen Counter Clutter That Are Borderline Genius , they’re beautiful, but most of all, they’re easy to implement. Enjoy!

Keep a wire basket of cookbooks on the counter

Found from: A Bowl Full of Lemons

This is a really useful hack and if you need more space just move the basket to another spot.

Invest in a tiered tray

Found from: Two Twenty One

A tiered tray is both functional and beautiful. Use it to hold your produce, add some plants or succulents, store your spices, etc.

Baskets and caddies on a rod

Found from: No. 29 Design

Baskets and caddies on a rod look great, and it’s a clever way to use wall space to get frequently used items off your counter tops.

Make coffee on a rustic wood tray

Found from: Liz Marie Blog

Keep everything you need to make coffee on a rustic wood tray. Whenever you need more counter space for food prep, just move the tray to another location. Smart!

Add shelves beside your cabinets

Found from: My Perfect Nest

Add shelves beside your cabinets (if you have the wall space), and put pretty baskets on them. It’s a great way to hide clutter, like papers that you need to go through. This is one trick we’re definitely going to use!

Install a towel bar above the range

Found from: Practically Functional

Install a towel bar above the range to keep pot lids off the counters while you’re cooking. Here’s a similar towel bar in a chrome finish.

Attach hooks to hang your utensils on the side of your cabinet

Found from: Apartment Therapy

Hang your dish drainer on a rod

Found from: Amazon

Hang your dish drainer on a rod. Not only will it keep it off your counter, but your dishes will probably dry faster with the better air circulation, too!

Under-shelf baskets

Found from: Brit & Co.

Under-shelf baskets are super easy to install. I need at least 3 of these to put underneath my cabinets and shelves!


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