9 Ways To Decorate Your Home Like A Grown-Ass Adult


When you’re ‘adulting’ but your decor is not :/

I’ve put together some of my favorite pro tips to take your home style to the next level while still keeping it fresh and interesting – no boring, beige rooms here! 😉

Have a “main piece”

To make a room feel cohesive, choose a single item that you really love, and base the rest of the “design” around that.

Don’t plan, collect

Slowly collect art, objects, and furniture that you love instead of planning out every last little detail. Remember your “it” items will fall into place in your room as time goes by.

Use the best decor item given by mother nature herself…

Having even a little bit of natural light in your home can keep the atmosphere alive and its even proven to make you feel good. SO there are no cons there GO OPEN YOUR CURTAINS! 

Bathroom aesthetic: SHOWER CURTAINS

For most bathrooms, the focal point’s easy: pick a shower curtain that you truly love, and base any other decor you have in the room around that.

Include all sorts of shapes and sizes of lamps

Have at least one or two lamps with warm-tone bulbs to help with the relaxing vibe, and to help you fall asleep faster. It’s just extra cozy.

Consider the durability and “aesthetic” of your tiles

There are certain tiles that’ll hold up just fine as a backslash, but never in a high-traffic kitchen. Consider glazing your tiles to give them a modern look!

Organize your cooking space

House Beautiful

Remember function comes first — you want your kitchen to be organized and practical for cooking, as well as easy enough to clean.

Choosing your ~color scheme~

When you’re choosing your ~color scheme~, think about complimentary and analogous colors on the color wheel. (ex. You decide to pick two complementary colors like maroon and olive — they’re across from each other on the color wheel. Now you could choose an analogous color, like plum, which is right next to maroon. And you’ll have a lovely jewel-toned space!)

Remember, Wide + High


Always hang your curtains wide + high: it’ll make a small window look twice as big.

I hope on your journey to being a “Grown-Ass Adult” is successful but these hacks to decorate your home are (not gonna lie) pretty darn useful!


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