Turn IKEA Furniture Into These 5 Treasures


DIYers have long driven IKEA’s furniture business—you could accurately call Pinterest its headquarters—and lately, full-blown companies are jumping on board too. The question is no longer “Should I hack my IKEA furniture?” but rather “Which IKEA furniture hacks are the best?” I decided to put a post together covering How You Can Turn Your Furniture Into Treasures Using IKEA Hacks! It is such a great little piece to help you get organized and there are just so many ways you can dress it up…from Farmhouse to Boho…there is something waiting for you!  Sure hope you enjoy!

DIY Wander Lust

Found from: HandandFuss

This one is going to need a little translation but over at HandandFuss…you are going to see two Ikea Pieces put together to form an incredible Mid Century Modern piece.  Paint or Stain it with your own flair and you will have a piece of furniture you will keep forever!  Great for an end table or side table in any room!

Nachtkastchen IKEA Hack

Found from: dutchdesignonabudget

Here’s a version of the perfect Farmhouse IKEA Hack!

Easy Ikea Hack Chair Makeover

Found from: sugarandcloth

That’s not a new slipcover on that chair—it’s fabric paint! Learn more here!

Spray Paint Chair

Found from: modhomeec

IKEA and gold leaf do, in fact, go well together. Learn how to do this here.

Coffee Organizer Moppe

Found from: robbrestyle

You are going to find a brilliant idea over at Robb Restyle.  They have used the Moppe as a Coffee Organizer and they gave it a great coffee look. Who knew a Coffee Bar could be this compact and awesome!  See how it was done.  I think everyone needs one of these.


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